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MIDI PILE - The team
As logistics needs increase, it is essential to offer delivery services that are consistent with human and environmental issues.
This is the Midi Pile promise!
a delivery company
in the air of our time.

A delivery company specializing in the decarbonized last mile

The last mile of the package's journey to the end customer is considered costly and polluting.
As a transportation specialist, we have focused all our efforts to ensure that we offer a more responsible last mile delivery service for the consumer.

Midi Pile - Delivery by truckMidi Pile - Bike deliveryMidi Pile - Delivery by cargo bikeMidi Pile - Scooter delivery

Delivery by truck

Our transport and logistics solutions also include more traditional delivery vehicles to transport large parcels or over longer distances from the warehouse to the recipient. Nevertheless, we try to reduce the CO2 emissions of our delivery services by favoring electric or hybrid trucks, CNG/GNV up to route optimization.

Bike delivery

Bicycles are one of our flagship delivery methods. This clean means of transportation allows our couriers to move easily in urban areas despite traffic, congestion and traffic restrictions. Bike delivery is perfectly suited to mail and small parcels under 5kg. For your express deliveries in the city center, use the Midi Pile bicycle courier service. Respect of delivery deadlines, hand-delivery of the parcel ... At Midi Pile, our couriers are aware of the impact of their service on customer satisfaction. As the delivery is the only physical contact point between the brand and the final customer during e-commerce orders, it is important to do our best to ensure a good customer experience.

Delivery by cargo bike

To ensure the transport and delivery of goods in the large cities of Metropolitan France, the cargo bike proves to be a great ally. Thanks to the storage rack, the cargo bike with electric assistance can transport small packages and large parcels in the best conditions and with an outstanding reactivity.

Delivery by electric scooter

Our fleet of vehicles also includes electric scooters to deliver letters and parcels to businesses and individuals. Each driver-delivery person can thus finalize the shipping of parcels. Letters, folds, small parcels, fresh and fragile products, meals on wheels... This two-wheeled mode of transport guarantees a fast delivery and regular rounds in urban areas, without any load break.



Midi Pile - Customers - Amazon
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& many other retail customers, vineyards...

It is a team of logistics specialists who put the needs of the consumer at the heart of the process!

Yasmine Iamarene, founder of Midi Pile
MIDI PILE - Amazon Academy

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Midi Pile, a committed delivery company

Since its creation, Midi Pile has positioned itself as a responsible transportation company.
Our objective: to redefine the codes of the transportation industry but also to rethink logistics services and delivery for the benefit of all.

Midi Pile - Parity is our priorityMidi Pile - The ecological transition, our line of conductMidi Pile - The guarantee of the customer experience, our commitment. Midi Pile - Safety first


Why should the world of logistics be more for men than women? In our committed delivery company, we make it a point of honor to establish parity in our team and in all positions! We believe in equal opportunities and in the complementarity of men and women in their missions, including in the transport sector.


To reduce the disproportionate carbon footprint of the delivery business, our transport company is developing a more sustainable and environmentally friendly model. Clean and decarbonized delivery methods, route optimization software, training of parcel carriers in eco-driving...

Customer Experience

At Midi Pile, our delivery drivers are aware of the impact of their service on customer satisfaction. As the delivery is the only physical contact point between the brand and the final customer during e-commerce orders, it is important to do our best to ensure a good customer experience.


Our drivers take great care of your package until it is delivered to its recipient. Ship your goods and products with confidence without fear of loss, theft or damage. Our delivery solutions are carried out in complete safety with a great respect for road safety.


Where to take advantage of the services of the delivery company Midi Pile?

Midi Pile offers its transport services in the major French cities. Soon, our model, which respects companies, deliverers, consumers and the environment, will find its place on the national territory. Our ambition is to establish Midi Pile's offer in the four corners of the country, whether in large cities or in suburbs and isolated rural areas.

Midi Pile - Take advantage of the company's services in the major cities of France.
Midi Pile, a start-up specialized in ecological, urban and committed transportation.
As a new player in last mile delivery, we have quickly developed thanks to the enthusiasm of our partner companies and the sensitivity of consumers for ecological approaches. Our difference in the vision of our business is our strength compared to transport companies
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