Midi Pile - Bike delivery

Bike delivery

Midi Pile - 3 questions behind the Midi Pile last mile delivery project

bike delivery options

MiPi adapts to the needs of retailers and administrations by offering parcel delivery with bike couriers.


Deliver with agility and speed.
All your mail, letters and small parcels under 5kg find their recipient in less time than it takes to say cyclo-logistics! Utility bicycles are perfect for last mile transport and delivery.

Midi Pile - Bike delivery
Midi Pile - Bike delivery
Midi Pile - Delivery by cargo bike

cargo bike

Cargo bikes are becoming the standard delivery method in major cities.

Handy, clean and fastThe cargo bike is the most efficient delivery service available today.
It allows the deliverymen to circulate in difficult zones of delivery while adapting to a great diversity of parcels. Small parcels, fragile packages, goods and fresh products... The storage rack can hold up to 100 kg of parcels.

trailer bike

The bicycle trailer allows for the delivery of bulky packages. This type of two-wheeler, three-wheeler or longtail maximizes cargo capacity.
On the other hand, an electric assistance helps the courier to transport large parcels and heavy loads in urban areas up to a maximum weight of 280 kg.

Midi Pile - Delivery by cargo bike

MiPI's priorities for bicycle delivery

We put at your service a fleet of vehicles capable of ensuring the delivery of letters and parcels to B to B and B to C recipients.
Midi Pile - The guarantee of the customer experience, our commitment. Midi Pile - Safety first

Respect for delivery deadlines

This delivery method meets the requirements for urgent transport or same day deliveries. The bicycle transport service ensures fast delivery while guaranteeing that the reception of the parcel corresponds to the delivery slot chosen at the time of the order.

Customer satisfaction

Our mastery of the logistics chain is evident in every hand-delivered parcel. No more lost, stolen or damaged parcels. Each of our carriers ensures that goods and their recipients are treated with respect.

For even greater responsiveness, MiPi deploys its zero-emission two-wheelers for delivery services with pick-up and hand-delivery in urban areas. From small fragile parcels to fresh produce, thanks to baskets, bags and transport boxes, all your orders arrive at their destination without a hitch.

Safety of couriers

To make deliveries in complete safety, each bike courier is equipped with a complete set of safety equipment: helmet, lighting, reflective vest, etc.
All delivery drivers are committed to respecting the rules of the road applicable to cyclists and to using bike paths and lanes reserved for clean vehicles.

MIDI PILE - Cindy, dispatcher
MIDI PILE - Team - Our delivery men and women
MIDI PILE - Team - Our delivery men and women

MiPi has enabled me to discover a sector that was unknown to me, and to evolve in an environment that is conducive to development, i.e. moving forward with humanity and fairness in what we do.

Ayoub, MiPi delivery driver
Midi Pile - Bike delivery
Midi Pile - 6 advantages of the bicycle delivery service

advantages of the bicycle delivery service


The days when the delivery person was dependent on traffic and found himself stuck in traffic jams in the heart of urban areas are over. Choosing parcel delivery by bicycle is a faster solution than traditional motorized vehicles. Bicycle parcel delivery is up to 2 times faster than standard city center delivery services.


It can reduce CO2 emissions by 20 to 70% during the final stages of parcel delivery. Thanks to decarbonated delivery, we can drastically reduce the environmental impact of e-commerce and logistics. Ecomobility is a plus for the planet, but also for citizens who no longer suffer from air pollution and noise pollution due to delivery services in major French cities such as Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Nice, Strasbourg, Saint Etienne...


It's now possible to have up to ten parcels delivered to the same neighborhood, and with the possibility of carrying cargo bikes or trailer bikes, all delivery rounds are optimized.
This pooling of resources saves time and therefore optimizes service to reduce costs. Delivery and shipping costs are no longer dependent on fossil fuels!


In addition to the ecological and economic advantages, the transport of packages by bicycle is very practical. Cyclo logistics ensures the delivery of all kinds of goods: furniture and decoration, fresh and fragile products, letters and mails... It is a solution to be privileged for the sending of parcels, because the deliveryman can sneak everywhere and does not undergo any constraint to park when he arrives at destination.


The bicycle is a means of transportation perfectly adapted to the urban environment. The two- or three-wheeled format makes it easier to get around downtown, even during rush hour. Change your route to avoid traffic jams, use the lanes reserved for cyclists, access pedestrian streets. All these advantages make bicycle delivery the most flexible option today.


At the head of MiPi are 2 co-founders, all experts in the field of transport and delivery. As the business and the delivery company grew, the aim was to instill in new couriers our vision of the profession. Thanks to comprehensive training and a humane working environment, MiPi has been able to create a real sense of belonging to the company among its teams. In a transport industry such as ours, it was imperative to make our couriers aware of their importance and their role in the customer experience.