Midi Pile - Delivery by truck

Delivery by truck

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Midi Pile - Delivery by truck

Vans that can hold considerable volumes and weights of cargo to limit the number of round trips

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Truck delivery for large packages and remote areas

The transport of goods and parcels by van, utility vehicle or other vans remains essential to get the orders to their recipients. This last mile delivery will depend on the volume, size and weight of the parcels.
Moreover, with a van it is possible to deliver more easily outside the city centers. It is imperative to offer the same quality of logistics services in peri-urban or rural areas. Deliveries by truck allow private or professional customers to receive the goods quickly and easily.

Mipi priorities for truck delivery

We put at your service a fleet of vehicles capable of ensuring the delivery of letters and parcels to B to B and B to C recipients.
Midi Pile - The ecological transition, our line of conduct

A preference for green vehicles

Respect for the environment and ecological commitments are part of the DNA of our transport company. In addition to our bike, cargo bike or scooter deliveries, we complete our logistics offer with a transport service using electric, hybrid or CNG/NGV trucks and the thermal fleet limited by tour optimization. We are committed to developing a green mobility to be able to ensure the transport and delivery of parcels while reducing CO2 emissions in the city.

Optimized delivery methods

At MiPi, our aim is to make logistics greener, not only with cleaner modes of transport, but also by totally rethinking the transport profession. Thanks to software tailored to the transport and logistics business, we can develop hyper-optimized routes for our carriers. In this way, we reduce the number of unnecessary kilometers driven between each home delivery.

Customer satisfaction

Quality handling, parcel securing and protection, on-time delivery, home and hand delivery... Proud of its quality delivery service, MiPi makes it a point of honor to satisfy every link in the logistics chain: from sender to final recipient. Even heavy or imposing products benefit from precision delivery thanks to our truck couriers.

MIDI PILE - Team - Our delivery men and women
MIDI PILE - Team - Our delivery men and women
MIDI PILE - Cindy, dispatcher

It's the first time I've been in a company with values that correspond to me.

Anouk, MiPi Dispatcher
Midi Pile - Delivery by truck
Midi Pile - 4 advantages of the truck delivery service

advantages of the truck delivery service


Thanks to our couriers in commercial vehicles, we can offer better delivery times. The delivery drivers in small trucks take care of the routing of all types of goods: small parcels, fresh products, materials, fragile packages, bulky boxes... Thanks to the storage capacity of our utility vehicles, we deliver a large number of customers in a short time and without having to constantly go back to the warehouse to renew the cargo. Delivery by truck is synonymous with efficiency and reactivity thanks to a wide range of hours and less physical and/or energy constraints. They can therefore take care of express delivery requests.


When they join our delivery company, each driver is trained as a parcel carrier, according to the MiPi vision. Ecology, parity and safety are among the fundamentals of our company. Safety is not just a question of the care taken with parcels during transport operations, but also of our carriers' own safety in the face of traffic hazards. All orders placed with MiPi professionals will arrive safely at their destination, with no loss, theft or damage to the parcel.


We take care of the last part of the shipment. It is our team of drivers who represent your image and your brand to the end consumer during the final delivery stage. Proud to represent merchants and e-merchants, we make sure to demonstrate a flawless professionalism for a successful customer experience that meets your requirements.

Respectful and sustainable

Road haulage is undoubtedly one of the most polluting activities today. In recent years, parcel shipments have multiplied, increasing the challenges faced by transport companies such as MiPi. However, solutions do exist to reduce the environmental impact of delivery and logistics. Today, every transport company can invest in greener delivery trucks and traffic-optimizing technology to limit carbon footprints and meet the challenges of eco-mobility. Whether biofuel, electricity, natural gas or thermal route optimization, commercial vehicles must be used intelligently to ensure responsible, sustainable parcel delivery.