MIDI PILE - The guarantee of the customer experience, our commitment

The guarantee of the customer experience,
our commitment

Once the order is placed on the website, the shipping process follows its course until the final step: dispatching the packages for last mile delivery. Why is the moment of delivery so valuable for the improvement of

the experience

Delivery, a real added value in the customer experience

When buying in a store, many factors come into play to offer the best possible customer experience: accessibility of the point of sale, hygiene and atmosphere in the premises, variety and availability of products, prices, personalization of the offer, loyalty program, delivery service, welcome by the store team, interactions with the sales staff, after-sales service and complaints management, returns policy, communication and advertising...

However, with e-commerce, the points of contact with the consumer are reduced compared to the experience in store. It is necessary to wait for the delivery to improve the online shopping experience. To offer a unique customer service, the major part of the customer relationship will rely on the professionalism and availability of the delivery person.

Therefore, the work of the delivery person should not be underestimated, as they are the first, if not the only, physical contact point between the customer and the brand. A bad customer experience at the time of delivery can therefore jeopardize the marketing strategy and the entire business of brands. Most importantly, in the worst case scenario, it can lead to a loss of customers for the brand.

Midi Pile - Delivery, a real added value in the customer experience
MIDI PILE - The guarantee of an optimal customer experience.

The guarantee of an optimal customer experience with Midi Pile

One of the foundations of our service is customer satisfaction.
At the very beginning of the company's creation, one question was particularly important to us: why don't delivery people realize that they are responsible for a good customer experience?

It is from this observation that Midi Pile has developed a customized offer by placing the consumer experience at the forefront.


The respect of delivery times is one of the determining factors for a successful customer experience. Thanks to our logistics management and the professionalism of our carriers, each parcel arrives at its recipient's address, according to the delivery window agreed upon at the time of order validation.


You have to be able to trust your logistics partner to ensure that the packages are sent and received properly by the recipient. All this, with the promise that the packages will always arrive safely (no more losses or thefts), in perfect condition. The soft modes of transport do not have to harm the packaging and the boxes. Small packages or larger parcels are transported with the greatest possible care.

Sense of contact

The hand delivery of the parcel allows to create an interaction with the final customer.
Through courtesy, politeness or simply a smile from the delivery person, a personalized customer relationship is created and enhances the online shopping experience.
To reinvent the home or office delivery experience, everything depends on the relationship. A strategy that can pay off in terms of differentiation and loyalty.

Eco Responsibility

More and more French people are aware of the environmental impact of online delivery and ordering. Developing a cleaner and more eco-responsible delivery method can help provide a customer experience that correlates with the brand image and CSR positioning of e-retailers.
With our cargo bikes, our electric scooters and our hybrid and CNG/GNV vans or our tour optimization tool, we try to reduce the environmental impact of our activity and encourage good initiatives.

MIDI PILE - A new vision of the logistics and goods delivery business.

Midi Pile's vision of the logistics and goods delivery professions

To meet the current needs of buyers, while taking into account the new challenges of society, Midi Pile must, at its level, make the transport and parcel delivery industry evolve.

We put at your service a fleet of vehicles capable of ensuring the delivery of letters and parcels to B to B and B to C recipients.
Midi Pile - The ecological transition, our line of conductMidi Pile - Parity is our priorityMidi Pile - Safety first


Companies and retailers can no longer deny that their activity has a strong impact on the planet. They must therefore develop products and services that are more respectful of the environment, but also sustainable to preserve future generations. Midi Pile has implemented ecologistics for its tours in order to reduce its carbon footprint.


In a predominantly male transportation sector, the founder of Midi Pile was committed to achieving absolute parity in her company. To promote the employment of both men and women, and to rely on the resources and skills of each to improve delivery services. To change the way people think about the transport business is a promise kept.  


Job security is an important criterion within the Midi Pile activity. Our recruitment policy favors motivated people who care about a job well done. For this, we rely on employment assistance organizations (Pôle Emploi, Missions Locales, associations ...). We then train our employees in our profession of service and customer satisfaction. We make sure they are aware of the important role they play thanks to their involvement. On the same criterion, the safety of our carriers during deliveries is also in the DNA of our company.