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Midi Pile is a company specialized in last mile delivery. Thanks to our couriers, your mail and goods are perfectly controlled and in adequacy with the current stakes of society.

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Midi Pile - 3 questions behind the Midi Pile last mile delivery project

questions at the origin of the Midi Pile last mile delivery project

What are the environmental issues behind home delivery?

Global consumption is constantly changing. The boom of orders and home deliveries of parcels can be explained in different ways. However, one thing is certain, the environmental impact of e-commerce and logistics flows is major. It is therefore urgent to adapt and to encourage virtuous behavior for the good of the planet and the people. As a player in last mile delivery, Midi Pile has a role to play in reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) in urban areas. To do so, it relies in particular on tour optimization, cyclo-logistics and electric vehicles, while relegating polluting modes of transport (trucks and thermal utilities) to the background. Its medium- to long-term objective is a 100% clean transportation service and sustainable urban mobility.


With the rise of online shopping, the customer relationship is difficult to maintain for retailers.
Indeed, the only physical contact point between the end customer and the retailer is the precious moment of delivery. It is at this stage that the brand's image is at stake and a bad experience with the delivery person or a delivery problem can damage customer satisfaction.
At Midi Pile, we consider our carriers as representatives. They themselves are aware of their importance and seek to invest themselves in their courier missions. Training and well-being at work contribute to the employees' sense of worth and to the feeling of belonging to the company. The quality of the delivery services that result from this is improved.


Today, the sector does not have more than 5% of women on the roads in France. However, logistics and transport suffer from a shortage of delivery drivers in light vehicles. The majority of warehouses are located in the suburbs and in rural areas, where women suffer the most from insecurity. By promoting the employment of women, MIDI PILE responds to all these problems. Gender equality is a subject that has been close to the heart of the founder of Midi Pile since she was a child and the company can now claim loud and clear that it has succeeded in establishing parity in its teams. Delivery woman, team leader, logistician, human resources manager, saleswoman... Women can also flourish in the logistics industry.

MIDI PILE - Redefining the codes of the transportation industry

Midi Pile's ambition: to redefine the codes of the transport industry

The logistics sector is faced with various challenges.
If the very heart of our business is to ensure the delivery of goods and various parcels to satisfy each sender and each recipient, we wish to do so by conveying our values, as well as your products!

Thus, we put forward subjects such as ecology, parity, safety, respect, integration, evolution... Delivering better is not an empty word. It is possible to satisfy each link in the logistics chain by gradually changing the codes.

Strong values and urban logistics rethought for the good of all, that's also delivery in the spirit of our times!
It is thanks to these commitments that large companies and distributors trust Midi Pile to take care of the transport of goods in Paris and in the major cities and towns of France.

Redefine the codes with us

From start-up to last mile delivery company

Since 2020, our delivery company has been able to develop. It is now a major player in the transportation industry in France thanks to the logistical know-how of the co-founders. The founding team of Midi Pile does not intend to stop there and has big plans for the future:

Deliver with agility and speed.
All your mail, letters and small parcels under 5kg find their recipient in less time than it takes to say cyclo-logistics! Utility bicycles are perfect for last mile transport and delivery.

MIDI PILE - From start-up to last mile delivery company
MIDI PILE - From start-up to last mile delivery company

Install more Midi Pile agencies throughout France based on the same model. The goal is to make responsible urban logistics flourish and to offer better delivery conditions to consumers and transporters in all cities.

Promoting innovation to improve last-mile delivery and reduce the impact of parcels on the environment and the well-being of citizens. From the most carbon-free vehicle fleets possible in terms of the environment, optimizing flow management to ever more efficient and effective routes...

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