MIDI PILE - Safety first

safety first

MIDI PILE - Secure delivery, a priority on 3 levels

Secure delivery at Midi Pile, a priority that is played out on 3 axes

One of the foundations of our service is customer satisfaction.
At the very beginning of the company's creation, one question was particularly important to us: why don't delivery people realize that they are responsible for a good customer experience?

It is from this observation that Midi Pile has developed a customized offer by placing the consumer experience at the forefront.

Safety of delivery personnel

Our delivery drivers spend their days on the road to ensure deliveries, which automatically leads to risks of accidents.
To protect them as much as possible from the dangers of transporting parcels, our couriers are provided with safe transport methods and regulatory protective equipment (helmets, lighting, reflective vests, lighting, etc.).
Likewise, our professionals are trained to scrupulously respect the highway code to ensure road safety for all.
Today, software programs are used by our delivery drivers to control the quality of their driving.

Package security

Before reaching their addressee, the parcels go through many steps during their shipping. As soon as the packages are taken in charge by the Midi Pile team for the last kilometers of their routing, we can assure you that each package is treated with the greatest care.
This, whatever the mode of delivery (bicycle, cargo bike, scooter, truck...). Thanks to the traceability and the millimetre organization of our flows, we take care that your goods and products of value are neither stolen, nor lost, nor damaged.

Job security

The transportation and delivery industry is continually looking for new recruits to keep up with rising demand.
Indeed, since the first containment, the number of online purchases has jumped. Today, there are more than 1.4 million packages that need to be delivered every day in France.
At Midi Pile, our priority is to create stable jobs with permanent contracts and permanent employment contracts by recruiting motivated people from various backgrounds. The world of logistics is an environment rich in opportunities. This is why we seek to develop integration and parity within our teams.
The empowerment of delivery personnel and the possibility of internal career development is one of the keys to limiting turnover.

MIDI PILE - A new vision of the logistics and goods delivery business.

Midi Pile's vision of the logistics and goods delivery professions

Recently arrived on a sector of activity well anchored in its habits and principles, Midi Pile intends to make a difference. In addition to its secure delivery service, the company wishes to make its model a source of inspiration to satisfy all the actors of the logistic chain, from the merchants and e-merchants, to the final recipients.

We put at your service a fleet of vehicles capable of ensuring the delivery of letters and parcels to B to B and B to C recipients.
Midi Pile - The guarantee of the customer experience, our commitment. Midi Pile - The ecological transition, our line of conductMidi Pile - Parity is our priority

customer experience

For the end customer, the brief relationship with the delivery person during the handover is a guarantee of premium quality. This point of contact is an integral part of the customer experience: it is the only time when the customer can interact with a physical person after a dematerialized purchase. It is therefore during the delivery that the image of the brand is played out and that the customer relationship is built. Our professional delivery teams are fully aware of the importance of this service and always try to enhance the sender's value: training, provision of a tracking number, respect of delivery deadlines and time slots, courtesy...


Preserving the environment is becoming a crucial collective issue. As a transport and delivery company, we have a role to play and must seek solutions to reduce our carbon impact. This is why we try to make our last mile delivery as green as possible by favoring soft modes of transport such as bicycles, cargo bikes and electric scooters. For bulky parcels, we use hybrid, electric or CNG vehicles. Combined with eco-driving measures and optimization of the routes taken by our carriers, the objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions due to delivery in urban areas by 20% to 70%.


Midi Pile has also decided to commit to gender equality by implementing total parity within its delivery company. Why are there so few female delivery drivers and team leaders in the transport sector? In our vision of the business, women and men have equal assets to bring to their positions and we therefore encourage women to discover the world of delivery and to find a job adapted to their skills. Women are just as capable as men to handle delivery jobs. We just need a little push to change the way people think.