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Scooter delivery for urban and suburban areas

Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille, Rouen... Soon, all cities in mainland France will be banning combustion-powered vehicles from their city centers. This restriction will apply without distinction to commercial and private vehicles.

To maintain optimum delivery service quality, we need to adapt and look for ways to develop the logistics business. In particular, we need to adopt more sustainable and environmentally-friendly delivery methods.

Taking part in this ecological turnaround is entirely possible thanks to the many ecomobility solutions that are being developed, such as the electric scooter.

This is how MiPi (Ex Midi Pile) offers greener delivery services!

Mipi (ex midi Pile) priorities for scooter delivery

We put at your service a fleet of vehicles capable of ensuring the delivery of letters and parcels to B to B and B to C recipients.
Midi Pile - The guarantee of the customer experience, our commitment.


Scooter couriers have the advantage of being able to move more easily in high traffic areas. They avoid traffic jams and do not waste time looking for a parking space to deliver the package to the recipient. This saves precious time and allows us to offer delivery the same day or the day after the order is confirmed.

client satisfaction

The last step of the shipping process is a crucial moment to ensure a good customer experience. As the last link in the supply chain, the delivery person represents the brand and must therefore offer an impeccable quality of service.

autonomy of two-wheelers

Thanks to the powerful batteries of the electric scooters, our carriers can make longer rounds. The scooters make it possible to reach delivery locations that are further away from businesses and storage areas. The couriers on electric 2 wheels deliver the parcels, while benefiting from significant bonuses: moving safely, effortlessly and with greater comfort (no vibrations).

MIDI PILE - Team - Our delivery men and women
MIDI PILE - Cindy, dispatcher
MIDI PILE - Team - Our delivery men and women

MiPi (formerly Midi Pile) enabled me to go from delivery driver to dispatcher in just 6 months. This can only encourage me to continue to make the necessary efforts to keep evolving.

Cindy, Dispatcher at MiPi (formerly Midi Pile)
Midi Pile - 5 advantages of scooter delivery service

advantages of the scooter delivery service


Scooter delivery is suitable for all types of cargo requiring express deliveries. Mail, small parcels, fresh products or even hot meals, speed is an undeniable advantage to meet the requirements of the recipients. The delivery drivers know the best routes and shortcuts to always respect the delivery time agreed with the final customer.


The 50cc scooter is a delivery mode that delivery professionals can rely on in all circumstances for the transport of parcels and goods. This light vehicle with electric motorization is a work tool perfectly adapted to the delivery of parcels in urban areas thanks to its autonomy, the rapidity of its battery recharge and its very limited need for maintenance.


The 50cc electric scooter is a light and extremely well-equipped means of transport to manage the last mile delivery of letters and small parcels with an 80-liter top box specially designed for the delivery of small parcels weighing less than 7kg. The small size and maneuverability of this type of vehicle allows couriers to easily make their way through the major cities of France.


The new electrically powered mopeds are a breath of fresh air in the big cities! By riding an electric scooter, every courier can drastically reduce the environmental impact of his activity. Moreover, in view of the traffic restrictions soon to be imposed in certain city centers, only clean, zero-emission vehicles will be able to travel without constraint. To deliver to administrations, companies and inhabitants of these urban areas, it is therefore necessary to opt for eco-responsible transport solutions. It is also essential to rethink the entire activity in order to optimize the routes and deliver the parcels to their addressee at the first pass (respecting the delivery slots at home and at the workplace).


Suitable for both b2b and b2c shipments, our scooter delivery service is for everyone. Our transporters form a team of competent and dedicated logistics professionals. In addition to training or a certificate of competence in goods transport, our scooter delivery men and women guarantee the quality of the delivery service. Faultless punctuality and courtesy are the watchwords at MiPi (formerly Midi Pile) to guarantee a quality customer experience. The aim is to satisfy both the consumer and the brand or retailer who placed the order.